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              【成功簽約】進口家具HICKORYEN品牌英文網站項目設計與建設制作完成,合肥集團網站建站熱線:150-569-68972 微信與手機號,聯系人:王先生。

              American Hickoryen is an independent home retail service brand. It is a comprehensive service company integrating American leading furniture brands, lighting accessories, home textiles, wallpaper and other home furnishing products and space soft decoration design. It is a comprehensive service company for people who pursue, advocate and love life style. Provide a new life concept, an international lifestyle, and first-class household products. Provide complete supporting resources and rich original product lines for the majority of decoration industry and designers who pursue natural aesthetics. The product line includes the most cutting-edge styles in the industry, the most diverse style features, and brands recognized by global consumers, including famous American home furnishing brands such as LEXINGTON, BERNHARDT, STANLEY, HOOKER, VANGUARD FURNITU.Hickoryen home furnishing brand products are presented in a lifestyle series. The products are mainly suitable for living space soft furnishings, including family living room, dining room, bedroom, study room, leisure area, office, media room and outdoor types. The products are creatively designed, safe and environmentally friendly, Excellent quality and powerful price-performance ratio are deeply loved by users.

              Hickoryen Home Furnishing Relying on the leading trend of industry development,introducing first-line international brands, many trendy product resources, providing users with one-stop shopping and experience, allowing users to enjoy leisure, comfort, health, and high-quality household products, creating unique, personalized, Tasteful home lifestyle.

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